Setting up suitable payment terms with forestry companies and general contractors is an important aspect of winning the bids to become their contractor of choice. In many cases, this also means the terms dictate that you get paid when they do, and it’s not uncommon in the forestry industry for customers to pay on a 60-day schedule.

This can pose a real challenge to your business in how smoothly you can operate when cash flow becomes tight and you have your own suppliers to pay. Banks may not always offer an easy answer to your financing requirements, especially if there are strict credit terms.

Partnering with Factoring Solutions means getting cash in advance of your accounts receivables making it much easier to run your logging business, and financing your receivables allows you to remain confident knowing you are not having to do damage control or miss out on any opportunities that may come your way.

Whether it’s a new customer you are now able to aquire, or a piece of equipment you need to upgrade for your operations, having the business financing that fuels your growth keeps you moving forward.