Waiting for payment from your customers can seriously impede your oil and gas company’s ability to operate smoothly. Receivables that are paid in 60 days can make it a challenge to pay your oilfield service vendors and employees, buy new equipment and fund other expenses that are critical to running your business. Oil and gas suppliers requiring business financing in the prairies during tight economic times, can use factoring to find a competitive edge.

Factoring Solutions injects immediate cash into your company when you need it the most. Our principals have served in key roles at numerous oil and gas businesses of various sizes, which equates to a speedy due diligence process for factoring your receivables, and we provide consulting on any finance related matters.

Maintaining enough liquidity to take the next big step can be all the difference for accelerating your Energy company’s growth. We help you finance your accounts receivables in just a matter of days, so you can capitalize on that next big business opportunity.